Friday, January 6, 2012

Freedom Matters

The lady with rosy pink saree,
Clinging to the yellow grab handle
During the blue metro city bus journey,
Drew my attention for some minutes
This shade is not often seen in busy cities,
Just in fairs, where cute little children are spotted licking
Their favourite cotton sweets,
Wrapped in lengthy sleeky sticks
And their tiny feet ground kicking
For getting dragged hurriedly
By their tricky wicky parents
Who don’t even allow them to swallow the sweet essence.
Have heard people being made fun for wearing these shades
Getting tagged as less civilised, or getting marked as country cousins
Thus could not stop admiring this courageous country woman
Who proudly could carry this rare bright saree
And freely move around in a real happening city
Where many more people are bereft of their freedom
For their lives are fixed like children in fairs.

Dangerously melodius piece from the movie 'Guide', set to tune by S.D. Burman and performed by Lata.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

All time Melodies of Bollywood: Velvety waves...

All time Melodies of Bollywood: Velvety waves...

Velvety waves...

How i wish to float
like a paper boat in a rosy stream,
and to see people around
watching me with ecstacy extreme,
I could whirl people's minds
and feel proud to see their faces gleam,
oh wow! what a lovely life I lead
with not a load to carry in-between,
ever lite, I would be ever lucky
to have breezy wind as my only friend,
slowly and gently together we move
and meander through the curves of time.

One of the smoothies of seventies,composed by Rajesh Roshan, written by Anand Bakshi and sung by Lata, is from the movie 'Julie' released in 1975.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Totally mystified....

A little sigh of disappointment, and a great amount of feeling that something is true.These unceasing requests from the snooping society,thaw her confidence and set a state of despair.Only the power of love could help in bringing back peace which is lost. Yet, the uncertainity remains, and thoughts that are fanciful become very ordinary.
A peaceful song set to tune by Roshan and expressively sung by Lata. With strong lyrics of Sahir Ludhianvi this is from the movie ‘Bahu Begam’ released in 1967.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring showers

Spring enters with a warm basket of lovely flowers.The season being the reason of love, showers music and spreads the feeling of being happy.This is also a reason to get dragged into the world of fantasy. Dwelling here is greatly enjoyable.Dulhan vahi jo piya man bhaye entered in the year 1977 and singer Hemlatha's song 'Letho aye ho hamen' was welcomed with smiling hearts. With lyrics and Music of Ravindra jain, songs from this movie became perennial favourites.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Colours of Love

Loosing the game of love, makes one appreciate the importance of life. Love is life or life is love, these lines remain powerless and the certainty is, love and life are the two faces of the same coin. Love is emotion while life is realistic. Emotions keep away realism and realism does not allow emotions. Life still exists when there is no love but love becomes extinct when there is no life.
Lata’s haunting melody from the movie ‘Prempujari’ tells that it’s not necessary to slowdown the flow of a sad song. With music composed by SD Burman and Lyrics written by Neeraj, this song was released in 1970.